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Mellow Mood

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  • Исполнитель: Mellow Mood
  • Название: Sufferation
  • Лейбл: La Tempesta Dischi
Mellow Mood - Sufferation
Mellow Mood - Sufferation
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Текст песни Mellow Mood - Sufferation
Di gun dem a beat
Aneda mada bawl out
Poor people ‘na di ghetto dem a suffer
Rich a get richerDi gun dem a beat
Aneda mada bawl out
Poor people ‘na di ghetto dem a suffer
Rich a get richer
Poor a get poorer
All di people ‘na di world dem a suffer
Any gun let it go
Peace wi affi set it up
Anyway anyhow
Cyaan tek dis anymore
Mankind wicked enuh
How tings fi tun out so
A who run dis and a plan dis up
Everybody listen up
No watch how mi run mi mouth falling
Dat a weh dem pree from dusk till dawning
But if a so there will be no good morning
Wi shoulda know dis but wi neva learn it
Caw if a global war dem waan mi nuh inna dat
If a global fear dem feed mi nuh inna dat
If a new trend dat mi tell yuh mi nuh follow dat
If every man a mi bredda mi nuh heart no man
Becaw mi able fi distinguish between good and bad
Mi able fi tell what is right from what’s wrong
And it’s seven time rise and seven times fall
But mi nuh believe in da falling ting at all
Di whole a dem weh kill innocent youth man a tell dem seh fi gweh
Di whole a dem weh hide di truth mi tell dem seh fi gweh
Listen to mi breddas di whole a dem cyaan stay now
Tell dem seh fi gweh wi fi tell dem seh fi gweh
Ashes to ashes wi seh dust to dust
Inna di ghetto sufferation is a must
And still wi get confused by di ideas wi trust
How long it tek fi get rid of wi ego
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