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  • Слушали: 14
  • Исполнитель: ahmad
  • Название: shorty
  • Длительность: 3:08
  • Лейбл: Five Star
ahmad - shorty
ahmad - shorty
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Текст песни ahmad - shorty
Dr Ahmed, daddy eh, zeko communications, E money.
Let’s go .uh
Olo Omo say kariesi
I hear say you dey craze, I dey craze too.
I hear say you dey mad, I dey mad too
Runtown no gallardo, now we are in the bank no Ricardo,
I got your shorty screaming obrigado,
take her to my room and I let her see Ronaldo.
Mother anybody Murder murder anybody
Mother anybody Murder murder anybody
Mother anybody Murder murder anybody
We no dey give birth but we Murder anybody
We no be their father wife but we murder anybody
Daddy eh chairman no MI,
electrical flow wey dey shock boil,
even ovie knows that I’m not just OK I over wise, Thor thoy
Dey say I get the best flow,
when dey say I’m the best no be wash, tekno
Ten over ten them want See Me with
naeto and if them say if I say FM, nedro
Timaya know say I get bass pass sanko,
I be the boss I no dey talk about
danfo. Steady dropping hits or canfur
Terrorise your hood
This is the return of Shina rambo
Wrestler but you no go fit see this mankind
And at the same time falz knows say I be bad guy
Shinning so bright,
I’m the first son and anytime you simi, mabimini jamb question
They wandering how come, xl malcom
Drop the mic them go allaudise iyanya album
Them dey fill me from naija enter gabon
They way I shoot big, my nick should be canon
I’m taking shots, i no need my boot o
I bring clearance pass video wey Peter shoot o
Like river wey pass him bank Omo I too flow
Outshine these rappers everywhere Omo I too know
Making chips but I no dey fry plantain
Im nawti, olu tell demands make dem maintain
I must blow na matter of urgency
Somebody tell dbanj I don dey cause emergency
They can’t reach my level laye kiss daniel
See I’m the reason while she no fit kiss Daniel
I flow heavy Mr bigs for thesw occasion
Sh need my fast food cause e dey give her sweet sensation
Chop anybody these one na appetizer
D way I dish am out she go say e dey tantalise am
She no fit jonse went she see Me in public
bcos she no say I get many chicken for my Republic
Daddy eh, Wetin I carry strong
Cause I be baba for the girls, HARRYSONG
And she no fit try replace me, take her from naija to Limpopo, KCEE
guys no dey wonder when I go buy car,
na Xbox car and I’m rolling with 5star
And anywhere we go, we dey see money
Shout out to the c e o.
E money
This one na part one, part two coming soon.
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